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11 Belden Ave, Norwalk CT 06850

About Us

Our story

Founded by Maria Giribaldo, A+ Driving School (family-owned and operated) leverages years of experience to guide new drivers, improve skills, and assist with licensing, drug/alcohol classes, DMV appointments, and document translation. Committed to the community, we answer your questions and get you on the road safely

Choose Connecticut’s Best A+ Driving School

When it comes to driving you want to be sure that you’re (or your new teen driver) are ready for the road. You want to understand all the signs and all the laws and regulations so you can stay safe and avoid accidents. That’s why we’re Connecticut’s best driving school for teenagers, men, and women alike. Our highly-skilled, professional staff are properly certified to teach you everything you need to know about driving, getting your license, registered your vehicle, and so much more.

More importantly, we have more than XX years of hands-on training and experience to make it easy to learn and understand; all while giving you the confidence you need when you’re behind the wheel.

We’ll be here to provide services and support that suit your every need, including:

  • Learning to Drive (Beginner)
  • Reducing Insurance Costs
  • Dropping Points Off a License
  • Gaining Road Safety and Confidence
  • Streamlining the DMW Process
  • Getting a License or Registering a Vehicle
  • Court-Ordered Driver’s Safety Requirements
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